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Taxi Amsterdam

Taxi Amsterdam - Whether you need a taxi from a restaurant or from your hotel in Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport or a business meeting anywhere in The Netherlands. With our latest cars and professional drivers, we make your trip to any destination comfortable and safe like you can expect from an experienced company.

Taxi Amsterdam - Why booking with CSH?

Always on time 

Our promise: We wait for our clients, they don't wait for us. That's what we stand for. To comply with this promise every single booking is carefully prepared.

The best service for you

We not promise you only a smooth ride but also easy and fast customer service. You can contact us 24/7 for new bookings, changes or cancellations.

Experienced chauffeurs

All our chauffeurs are experienced and drive for many years in the city of Amsterdam. They know the streets inside out. 

Taxi Amsterdam is easy to book

To see the price of your route, visit our booking page.

Use the payment methods that suits you the best to pay for your premium taxi servicey online. To order your taxi Amsterdam online, follow all the directions and enter all of the information required on our bookings form. – once you completed all the fields and you are satisfied with price, you can click on the "Book now" button, so that your taxi can be booked according to your traveling requirements.


Corstiaan de Keijzer
Pleasant and kind driver took me safely to Brussels and back. Could get in the car immediately after leaving home and after finishing my business. If you want a reliable party offering a comfortable trip, I would definitely recommend CSH!
Ingrid Geuzen
Het is heerlijk om op Schiphol opgewacht te worden, door een chauffeur met een bordje met je naam erop. Wat een luxe! Ze dragen je koffer vanaf het moment van ontmoeting. Ook fijn dat de betaling al van te voren geregeld is. Heerlijke luxe auto's! Echt top service!
Anton Theunissen
For privileged, confidential high-class transport - or just for a luxury feeling when your vacation starts with a ride to Schiphol. Highly recommended! You get the mobile nr from the chauffeur, which gives an assured feeling. we were transported in a luxury 6 person bus with minibar and USB chargers. The whole family loved it!

Taxi Amsterdam City to Schiphol Airport €69,00

Questions & Answers


Taxi Service

How can I book a taxi in Amsterdam?

You can make a booking on our Bookings page you can also send an email to

Can I pay with cash or card in the car to the driver?

Yes, you can pay directly to the driver with cash or credit card. You can select CASH in the payment method upon booking.

How long does the driver wait for me after arriving on pick up location?

The driver wait 15 minutes. After 15 minutes we may charge waiting time fee. (rate differs per vehicle)

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your journey 24 hours before estimated pick up time. Send your cancellation to

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Why you apply a minimum rate?

We are a Chauffeur Services company. We provide only exclusive taxi vehicles with representative drivers. Your driver will take the time to serve you and is not in a hurry for a next trip.. Our rates reflect our high-quality service.


More Questions? Send your question to:

3 hotspots to visit with a Taxi Amsterdam

1. Dam Square

Dam Square is the most popular Square in the middle of the center of Amsterdam. There are food stalls, restaurants and shops galores, including the trendy Bijenkorf and Magna Plaza. And the Amsterdam Diamond Centre. Such is the popularity of Dam Square that you might even have to wait for a seat at one of the many cafes and bars.


2. Amsterdam Canals  

  If you are visiting Amsterdam and you have time to explore the city, a canal tour is an absolute must-see.  Have a different view of the city from the water and sail in the narrow canals. CSH's drivers will bring you to the best canal docks in the City.


3. Windmill van Sloten

Discover the only functioning windmill in Amsterdam. Find out why the Netherlands have so many mills. Take a tour and also visit the Coopery Museum and see how the Wooden Barrels were made.  Our drivers are happy to take you there!

Start your visit in Amsterdam with CSH.


More about Taxi Amsterdam

Taxi Amsterdam Many of our local residents do not own a car, so we understand that taxis are a popular form of transport – whether it’s getting to the airport for that early morning flight, taking luggage to and from the busy Amsterdam Central train station, or from your hotel to a business meeting. Our Amsterdam Taxi service can definitely assist you with the travelling scenarios described above. Now consider the following circumstances where you would benefit from one of the many taxis and limousines that are within our fleet:

Arriving in Amsterdam:
 You have just arrived at Schiphol airport after a long flight, that was anything but a pleasant traveling experience (the flight was busy and relatively full, and the flight itself was not a smooth experience). You now have to wait to disembark the plane, and leave the airport – not only due to the seasoned security checks that need to be satisfied but with the coronavirus pandemic and all of its associated health checks and screening activities.
 The result is a very tired and somewhat frustrated (and more than likely irritable) traveller, who is purely seeking to reach their destination within Amsterdam, unwind and relax.
This is the ideal Taxi Amsterdam service scenario that we can provide you. We will not only meet and greet you at Schiphol (and safely load your luggage for you into our taxi trunk) but we will promptly and safely transport you to your accommodation lodgings. Our drivers are all professionally trained – not only in safe driving practices, but in all manner of respectful communication and customer service. Do you want to know the best place to have a quiet (but relatively inexpensive) meal and drink? Our drivers will be able to recommend suitable venues for both your tastes and budget.

Not only can our drivers recommend the sites and sounds within Amsterdam, but they can also provide you with the taxi service to and from your chosen venue – so you can be rest assured that not only will you experience a great time where you intend to socialise, but a friendly and familiar face can meet you when its time to go home – safely and securely – back to your accommodation.

 Conversely, if you would just like some peace and quiet while using our taxi service from Schiphol to your lodgings, our drivers will quickly understand and comprehend your mood, and will leave you in peace. As we have mentioned previously, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of customer service – all depending on your personal needs and requirements.

 During your stay in Amsterdam:
 Taxis can be quite handy when travelling to and from the airport and late at night when the public transportation has stopped running. Because the city centre is a myriad of roads, lanes and footpaths, taxis cannot stop anywhere they like, so this is one of the reasons you will see so many fixed taxi stands. If you look for a more exclusive service you can book a Limousine Service in Amsterdam

 How can you recognize an official taxi in Amsterdam?
 All of the taxis in our fleet are ‘official taxis’, and they have blue license plates, and an official sign on the roof – this means we are bound - by local law - to offer the quality standards to our customers that are determined by the municipality. However, please be rest assured that we will provide not only the standard but the maximum quality of service for all of the Taxi Amsterdam services that we provide.

Leaving Amsterdam:
 Now consider the following scenario when it’s time for you to leave Amsterdam, and travel to the airport so you can safely journey back home. Our Amsterdam Taxi service can inform you of the time that will be required to pick you up from where you are staying, and transport you to Schiphol airport, so you will have plenty of time in order to navigate and process the check-in, customs, security and coronavirus health check process. We understand that packing and travelling are stressful enough without having to worry about when you should arrive at the airport so as to begin this process. Our professional drivers will proactively monitor the current traffic conditions, in and around Amsterdam and Schiphol airport, so they will know the right route to take to ensure you arrive at the airport unhurried, and ready to travel back home.