Taking a Taxi in Amsterdam? This is how you recognize an official taxi in Amsterdam.
27 juni 2020 

Taking a Taxi in Amsterdam? This is how you recognize an official taxi in Amsterdam.

Taking a taxi in Amsterdam? This is how you recognize an official taxi in Amsterdam.

Taking a good en reliable taxi in Amsterdam can be a challenge. Amsterdam is considered as one of the worst cities from Europe to hire a taxi. This is because there is a lot of competition between taxi drivers and companies in Amsterdam, the taxi market is related to strict regulations from the Dutch Government and the city has many non-licensed taxis driving around (also called snorders or black cabs). They drive for low prices, most of their vehicles are badly (or not) insured, and most of the drivers are not certified and unfamiliar with the streets in Amsterdam. In recent years, there have been many accidents involved with taxis in Amsterdam. These accidents together with the bad behavior of some taxi drivers contributed that the taxi industry in Amsterdam in a negative light. A lot of work has to be done by the local taxi companies to polish the taxi industry.

But don’t you worry! Fortunately, there are also hundreds of reliable and official taxi companies and drivers in Amsterdam that you can rely on. You just need to know where to look out for when picking a taxi.  In this blog, we share information where you have to pay attention when hiring a taxing in Amsterdam, so you’ll never will have a bad experience.

First, have a look at the different taxi services that are available in Amsterdam. In this blog, we discuss the regular taxi market only. If you want to know more about the other types of services you can visit the page by clicking on the links.

– Regular Taxi Market in Amsterdam (street taxis for city & Airport service)
– Limousine & VIP Taxi Amsterdam (for business and executive travelers)
– Group Taxi Amsterdam (small groups up to 8 persons)
– Bike taxis Amsterdam

1. First, we want you to learn how you recognize an official taxi.

Check always these three points if you want to take a random taxi from the streets or from the Airport.

  1. When you get into a taxi check if your driver has his taxi license visible in the car. The drivers are obliged to have their ID visible if not you can ask them to provide them.
  2. You can also recognize an official taxi in Amsterdam on his blue number plate. All official taxis in the Netherlands have blue number plates.
  3. Taxi Sign and price list visible? Street taxis in Amsterdam have a taxi sign on the roof with the name of their operator and car number. The price card should also be visible behind the window.

2. Never pay to much for your trip.

It is internationally known that many taxi drivers charge more money to their clients than the original price. They take a longer route to get the price up on the meter, or they don’t turn the meter on, and once they arrived at your destination they ask you a price that’s way too high. Some drivers also have some ‘excuses’ to charge you more. (sub charge for luggage or Wifi, or an extremely high fee for a credit card payment) The best thing to do so you feel assured that you will not pay to much for your trip is to agree on a fixed price before you start your trip. Communicate your drop off location cleary so that you don’t have misunderstandings about this and let the driver know clearly that the amount agreed is the final price for your journey.  It is also possible to have a ride on the meter. We have below noted the prices that official taxi companies in Amsterdam apply, this helps you to calculate your journey upfront. When you book an official taxi in Amsterdam the driver should never ask you to pay more than the meter. If they do, you can complain that to their taxi operator.

Taximeter prices Amsterdam Taxi (sedan)

  • Boarding rate: € 3.19
  • Kilometer rate: € 2.35
  • Time rate (per minute): € 0.39

Waiting rate of the taxi,

  • € 43.94 per hour

An example of the price for a route: Taxi from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam downtown will cost between 40 – 60 euros for a basic Sedan and the trip will take around 30 minutes. (depending on the traffic conditions). If you take this taxi from Schiphol Airport than the driver must display an easily identifiable number on the roof of the car. Take note of this. If they still refuse to use the meter, complain using the website taxiklacht.nl, which also has an English version.

3. Which kind of service you can expect from a good taxi driver

An official taxi driver in Amsterdam loves his job and is ready to answer all your questions and to give you tips about Amsterdam City. He also feels when you’re not in the mood for a conversation. He keeps the door open for you and provides assistance with your luggage. In addition to this, his car is clean and he has a bottle of water on board. Having a good experience with a driver? Ask him his name and business card and book him again for the return trip. And of course, a little tip is always welcome (no obligation) for the appreciation of their good work.

Booking a Taxi in Amsterdam With Chauffeur Services Holland

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With CSH you will have a great taxi experience in Amsterdam!

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Taxi web

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Nice Blog! Thanks for sharing such an informative blog which represents the complete process of recognizing and hiring the taxi in Amsterdam. I really find it quite interesting ! This blog provides helpful information to tourists coming for the first time. Highly recommended !

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