Mercedes-Benz V Class

The Mercedes-Benz V Class ( V-Klasse)

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Schiphol Airport -
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Mercedes-Benz V Class (V-Klasse)- Executive Minivan

Elegant, comfortable and stylish, are just some of the words that best describe the Mercedes-Benz V Class (Klasse),. This vehicle provides the perfect solution for a business trip with executives or family leisure tours.

The Interior
The V class has a stylish, modern and timeless interior design that is hard to resist. In the cockpit are top-class inputs and switches that are integrated into a wave shape. It also comes with chrome applications and smooth transitions, making you get all the comfort you need no matter the distance. If you are traveling with bulky objects, this vehicle can hold 6 carry-on bag and 6 large suitcases. Moreover, the V Class offers plenty of other features, such as a phone charger, onboard Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and bottled water. The high-quality panoramic sunroof provides plenty of light in the interior thanks to its large glass surface.

The rear compartment seats can be removed, thanks to its rail system, which comes designed with quick-release fasteners. For maximum protection, in case of an accident, this vehicle features thorax-pelvis side bags, window bags, and other airbags. Take advantage of a vehicle that comes with an extra touch of luxury and comfort as a VIP shuttle or for long journeys.

The Exterior
This exclusive minivan, which comes to you with no taxi signs, has an expressive and powerful front that screams luxury. It has modern headlights and a tapered hood, creating a sense of tranquillity. Our V Class is a black vehicle designed with rising lines that connect the chrome frame to the rear, creating an aesthetically pleasing design. With this vehicle, it is extremely easy to get into the rear, thanks to its electric doors that are a plus when you need an exit in a busy street.

Services Offered in The Mercedes V Class (Klasse):

  •  Airport Transfers
  •  Hourly Services
  •  Taxi Services 
  •  Long-distance journeys
  •  VIP Transportation
  •  Group Transportation

Vehicle Features:

  •  7 Passengers, 6 suitcases
  • Newest model (not older than 2018
  •  Leather Interior seats 
  •  Adjustable seating options
  •  Onboard Wi-Fi
  •  Bottled water 

Watch the V Class in action!

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