Mercedes-Benz S Class

Mercedes-Benz S Class (Klasse) - Executive Sedan

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Mercedes-Benz S Class - Executive Sedan

A Mercedes S Class limousine is an absolute favorite in the high-end luxury car class. The spacious car can accommodate 3 passengers easily and has a spacious trunk that can store up to 2 suitcases. 

The German car brand Mercedes Benz is very popular and dominates in the luxury car segment, especially among businessmen. Step into the world of luxury and comfort. It's true; once you enter the Mercedes S Class limousine, you forget the outside world. Known for its extreme reliability and comfort, the Mercedes S Class is the mainstay of our VIP fleet.

This car offers you exceptional sportsmanship, eye-catching design, industry-leading safety, and unparalleled comfort. And last but not least, innovations that are already the answer to the questions of tomorrow's cars.

The Mercedes S Class limousine is characterized by modern style and sophisticated sportsmanship. This black, 3 passenger sedan combines high performance and safety. As a result, this Mercedes has been scoring particularly high in the ranking of safest cars for years.

The rich interior of the Mercedes S Class limousine offers many features. The leather seats are extremely comfortable and offer multiple options including a massage you during the ride, keeping you relaxed and fit. Moreover, the car offers plenty of other features, such as a phone charger, privacy glass, individually adjustable air-conditioning, ambient lighting, onboard Wi-Fi and bottled water. During the ride, you can enjoy the acoustic comfort of this luxury limousine. This reduces annoying noises and allows conversations to take place at a normal level, even at high speeds.

Services offered in the Mercedes S Class;

  • Airport Transfers
  • Hourly Services
  • Taxi Services 
  • Long-distance journeys
  • VIP Transportation

Vehicle features:

  • 2 Passengers, 2 suitcases
  • Model not older than 2018
  • Leather interior 
  • Comfortable seats
  • Privacy glass 
  • Astounding quietness
  • Onboard Wi-Fi
  • Interior ambient lightning 
  • Rear side-window sunshades

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