The Ultimate Exploration Guide to Amsterdam
04 januari 2021 

The Ultimate Exploration Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is chock-full of the most stunning architecture, art museums, historical sights and scenery to enjoy. Add the local cuisine and plenty of nightlife options and any person would be lucky to visit the place.

Amsterdam has spots to hit for all kinds of people. From artistic souls to food lovers, Amsterdam is a city where you can relax while you experience new things. Here’s our definitive guide for places you have to visit using our VIP transportation services.

Introspection at Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is a symbol of youth, expression and the injustices that millions like her were dealt. That’s why the Anne Frank House is a must-visit. Opened in 1960, the museum was built in an effort to preserve her memory and the house she lived in secretly from property developers.

The reconstructed bookcase, the rooms and the offices have been preserved as much as possible, offering visitors a view into the difficult life that Anne Frank and her family lived during this time.

Picnic near Amsterdam Canal

The Amsterdam canals are a unique feature of the city and are beautified by the grassy banks, cobbled streets and numerous eateries. You can enjoy a stroll up and down the belt or take a cruise with a paddle boat on your own or alongside a guide.

However, if you can find a spot to sit in, we suggest taking a small basket of cheese, wine, sandwiches and other snacks to eat by the banks of a canal. Taking in their beauty is all about absorbing it.

Enjoy Golden Hour at Pllek

One of the most sought-after local haunts, Pllek is an eatery near the NDSM Wharf which used to be an industrial area. Pllek embraces the industrial vibe and utilizes shipping containers and recycled objects in its décor.

The place is a new-age dream, with delicious vegan and vegetarian options as well as inclusive options. Head over there in the evening with your private driver in Amsterdam during the sunset hours to really take in the view and enjoy the ambience.

Floral Bliss at Keukenhof

As one of the largest flower gardens in the world, Keukenhof is the place to go if you love to be surrounded by blooms. The garden is the perfect place to be in the spring and has tons of bulb varieties, including Dutch Tulips.

However, you can also check out the hyacinths, crocuses and daffodils, which are the pride of the garden. Pro tip: the garden empties out in the evening, which is why you should head there then.

Enjoy Evenings at Coffee Shops

Lastly, one of the most unique things that travelers love to experience in Amsterdam are the coffee shops. Different from cafes, the coffee shops are a place where you can try premium, legal weed.

These coffee shops provide you joints and weed of all kinds which you can enjoy along with your coffee, or even a full meal! The vibe is relaxed, and eclectic — perfect for a last relaxing evening.

With all these sights to see, you should make sure you book our luxury car service in Amsterdam. Our luxury taxis and limousine services are the best way to experience the Amsterdam roads in complete comfort! Contact us for bookings.

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