Top 7 Places to Visit in Zaanse Schans
18 september 2019 

Top 7 Places to Visit in Zaanse Schans

In North of Amsterdam, Zaanse Schans is a popular tourist spot among travelers across the globe. It is a neighborhood in the Dutch town of Zaandam.

The place with its serene view of the iconic windmills, wooden houses, workshops, and warehouses reminds many visitors of the seventeenth-eighteenth century historical reminiscence.

One can explore Zaanse Schans on a single day trip from Amsterdam by booking transportation facilities from a reputed agency.

Now, let us explain to you the main attractions of Zaanse Schans. Here are some of the best places to visit in Zaanse Schans.

1. Visit the Iconic Windmills

The first windmills in Zaanse Schans were made approximately in 1600. These were used in producing a wide variety of products, including rice, barley, wood, and tobacco. 

Today, you can visit these 13 windmills, out of which six are still working. The intricate detailing of the mechanism will surprise you and make you aware of the rural engineering techniques. De Kat, De Zoeker, and De Bonte Hen are the most popular windmills.

2. Wooden Shoe Workshop

Right after the windmills, the second thing that comes to mind is the wooden clog, when it comes to the Dutch heritage. 

These shoes are mostly worn by the farmers and gardeners to protect their feet on the swampy ground. The workshop houses a wooden shoe museum, which has some unique collections. The workshop opens at 8.30 am and closes at 5 pm daily.

3. Explore Cheese Processing

A visit to the cheese farm De Catherinahoeve is a must if you are fond of it. The firm conducts a free cheese processing demonstration, which will enrich you more. 

Adding to these, you can taste a wide variety of cheese, including Gouda and others. The visitors of the cheese farm complement about the Gouda cheese varieties that it offers.

4. Taste Some Cupcakes

Dutch bakery museum The Gecroonde Duyvekater is a place where you can taste and learn baking a variety of delectable. 

It is one of the best places to visit in Zaanse SchansServing some lip-smacking gingerbread, confectionery, and chocolates, this bakery shop and museum makes a perfect cozy dining spot. You will be spoilt for choices as the menu is extensive and yet comprehensive.

5. Time for Some Delectable Pancakes

If you are a sweet tooth, De Kraai Pancake Restaurant is a place you will head to. It is dedicated to the traditional Dutch pancakes. Traditionally, the Dutch pancakes come in sweet or savory varieties, and they are preferred as the main course. Though the restaurant offers a variety of toppings, the Dutch pancake with cream and apricot topping is irresistible.

6. Witness the Artworks

founded in 1998, the Zaans museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the Zaan region. With an exceptional collection of cultural-historical and regional items, the museum lets its visitors delve into Dutch history.

 Interestingly, the museum showcases both the residential and industrial culture by creating two sub-divisions. Some of the rare items like Zaans painted furniture, the regional dresses, and utensils will fascinate you for sure.

7. Shop at the Historic Grocery

The Museum Shop Albert Heijn is a supermarket emporium, where you can shop groceries. It has a wide variety of collections, and the traditional Dutch spices are perhaps the best items to collect. Inside this shop, the inventory of coffee and spices is a small museum that you can explore.

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