The Advantages of Hiring a Chauffeur Service on Vacation in the Netherlands
24 december 2021 

The Advantages of Hiring a Chauffeur Service on Vacation in the Netherlands

Netherlands has been a favorite European tourist destination for many years now. Museums, clubs, food streets, the country has hosted over 20 million tourists in 2020 alone. If you are planning to visit Netherlands, chances are you will wind up in Amsterdam, the capital of the Dutch state, which is not only a business hub but also brims with tourist attractions. 

So while you are packing your bags to Netherlands this holiday season, we thought to tell you about how hiring a chauffeur service on your vacation to Holland can benefit you. 

Private Tour Guide

By hiring a private limousine service in Netherlands, your chauffeur becomes your personal guide. From recommending places to visit to affordable accommodation or restaurants, you driver cum tour guide can help you every step of the way in an unknown country. 

Ease in Communication

According to an estimate, approximately 90 percent of the Netherlands’ population speaks Dutch and finding bilingual speakers is comparatively difficult. The upside to hiring chauffeur service is that most chauffeurs are able to speak English or ideally your native language, thus eliminate language barrier. 

This way, your driver is not merely transporting you from one place to the other, but also acting as a translator for you in between. 


While travelling in Netherlands you will find that most sign boards and instructions are in Dutch. This will make travelling alone through the country difficult and there’s a high chance for a tourist to get lost. By hiring a chauffeur service you guarantee convenience for yourself as well as safety. Your driver will pick and drop you from wherever you want.

Freedom of Schedule 

People take vacations to get away from tough routines and fixed schedules. What good is a vacation where you need to constantly be on the clock otherwise you will miss group tours? Hiring a private transport service allows you to plan your day according to your ease without having to worry about anything. You’re free to go wherever you want, whenever you want and your chauffeur driver will accommodate you. 

We are Here to Serve

With over nine years of experience in the industry, Chauffeur Services Holland takes pride in serving tourists from all over the world. Our private transport service is available on Amsterdam airport as well as Rotterdam airport from where you can book taxi Amsterdam service or a luxury chauffeured car. Get in touch with us to book a private transportation service on your next tour to Netherlands.  

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