Netherlands Tour | 4 must-see sights of The Netherlands.
18 augustus 2020 

Netherlands Tour | 4 must-see sights of The Netherlands.

4 Must-see sights to Make Your Netherlands Tour unforgettable!

When most people think of visiting the Netherlands, often incorrectly referred to as Holland, they mostly think of the canals, windmills, and museums. However, the Netherlands is much more than that. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in all of Europe with its picture-perfect landscape, quaint little towns, and dynamic cities bursting. Perfect to make a Netherlands Tour. You can do a tour walking, with touring cars and if you want more flexibility you can book a private driver. In this blog, we will show you some must-see spots of the Netherlands.

A closeup of a coloured and detailed printed map of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is relatively small in size, which makes it easier to see a lot of it in a short span of time. Fortunately, most of the country also has a flat landscape, which makes it easy to travel from city to city and explore the towns that are off the beaten tourists’ paths. The best way to explore the country easily and conveniently is by hiring a private chauffeur service such as Chauffeur Services Holland.

Here are some of the tops locations that will make your trip to the Netherlands more fun and exciting:

1. Visit Edam

Edam is the typical Netherlands that most people envision with its quaint houses, expansive farmlands, and picture-perfect scenery featuring the conic windmills in the background. During your Netherlands Tour, Edam will impress you. It is the town that gave the name to the famous Dutch cheese that is popular all over the world. Take a ride through its historic streets and marvel at the old architecture of the houses in one of the more quintessential Dutch towns.

A panoramic shot of a street over a canal in Edam, Netherlands

2. Head to the Keukenhof

If you love flowers, you need to visit the Keukenhof. It is the largest flower garden in the world, with more than 30 hectares worth of gorgeous floral displays. There is no better place to see the Dutch tulips in bloom than the Keukenhof. The Keuken is open from 21 March until 21 June.

keukenhof private tour

3. Take a Day Trip to Delft

Delft is a fascinating little town just between Rotterdam and The Hague and these cities you can’t miss when making your Netherlands Tour.  It has plenty of interesting sights such as The Nieuwe Kerk, a beautiful 15th-century church, De Zeven Zonden, a microbrewery that produces sinfully delicious beer, and Museum Prinsenhof. Delft is perfect for a little day trip exploring the countryside, and stocking up on some souvenirs from the trademark blue and white pottery shops in town.

The Van Gogh Museum front entrance with the Concertgebouw in the background at sunset

4. Visit the Van Gogh Museum

If you are making a Netherlands tour, and you love museums, then the Van Gogh Museum is a must-see. The museum opened its door in 1973 and hosts over 500 original works by the master painter Vincent Van Gogh. The museum also hosts several works from beloved friends of Van Gogh and some of his contemporaries. Pre-book the tickets to avoid queues and spend the entire day marvelling over the genius of Van Gogh’s works.

Explore The Hague

A trip to the Netherlands is incomplete without visiting the third-largest city of the country, The Hague. Also known as the “International City of Peace and Justice.” The city has played a significant role in diplomacy and international affairs since the 19th century. The rich history of the city, the unique culture of its inhabitants, the beautiful architecture, and numerous museums make it a place worth visiting!

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