Happy New Year: Starting 2021 Travel the Right Way
04 januari 2021 

Happy New Year: Starting 2021 Travel the Right Way

A Happy New Year!

We made it through the year — which was looking pretty hopeless at some points, but the human race is resilient and has survived the most harrowing year of all: 2020. We at Chauffeur Services Holland are ecstatic with the new year starting and want to wish all our customers and readers a fantastic new year.

2021 brings with it the promise of better times, especially as vaccines for the COVID-19 virus are being rolled out slowly across the globe. We must never forget the lessons in empathy, kindness, collective good and mutual respect that 2020 taught us. Our vision for 2021 is that we continue to grow and make this world a better place to live in.

One thing that 2020 did teach everyone universally was to live in the moment and appreciate what we have while we have it. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Chauffeur Services Holland will be continuing to serve you in the best way possible in 2021.

We welcome travelers to our country and let you know that we’re here to take care of all your transportation needs if you want to travel in comfort and style. Let’s look at how travel in 2021 should work.


Continuing Precautions

Even though vaccines are being rolled out, it may be a while before everyone has access to them. That’s why you should continue to follow cautionary measures like wearing masks, sanitizing and practicing social distancing.

We continue to practice our protocol for all clients by disinfecting and sanitizing all surfaces every time. We also provide free masks and hand sanitizer, while ensuring our private drivers use them too!


Luxury car service fleet parked outside Schiphol airport.


Celebrate New Beginnings Luxuriously

2020 has taught us that reveling in luxury isn’t a bad thing.  You should take simple pleasures where you can, when you can. That’s why on your next business trip or vacation, you should get the best experiences possible.

Splurge a little on our luxury car service in Amsterdam to show up to your meetings in style or to impress your partner. We guarantee comfort beyond measure and customer service that will make you feel special.


Travel Beautiful Cities

There’s much to see in the world and traveling in beautiful cities is a must-do in 2021. The Netherlands are full of gorgeous towns with medieval architecture, unique cuisines and plenty of serene landscapes are the place to be. Our VIP transportation services in Amsterdam can take you on sightseeing tours all over the country.

All you have to do is contact us via message or call us at +31 (0)85 0603222 to find out more information. Our first priority is making you feel welcome with our luxury taxis and private drivers in Amsterdam!

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