COVID-19 Update. (latest update: 19-11-2020) What travelers need to know
23 juni 2020 

COVID-19 Update. (latest update: 19-11-2020) What travelers need to know

COVID-19 (Corona) Update.
Special measures for travelers to Amsterdam


With this blog, we inform you about the latest Covid-19 (Corona) updates and measures in Amsterdam. This pandemic has a big impact on or daily life.  Many companies, hotels, airports, and other businesses have taken measures to comply with the newest COVID-19 safety requirements imposed by the Dutch Government. In order not to be faced with surprises during your stay, it is good to prepare your journey carefully.

We’ve noted below the most important measures to everyone who is traveling by taxi or private vehicle hire.

Booking a taxi with CSH during the COVID-19. What you need to know:

Mercedes E Class - Screen

Mercedes E Class – Screen

Updated on 19 NOVEMBER 2020 

Our Covid-19 measures:

1. We avoid psychical contact: no handshaking or assistance with luggage
2. All our vehicles have a flexible protection screen between driver and passenger at the backseat. (see image)
3. CSH drivers wear a face mask.
4. Passengers also have to wear a face mask in a taxi or private hire vehicle. (we provide face masks) Unless you are exempt.
We ask our clients to sanitize their hands in the car.
6. Keep as much as the possible 1.5-meter distance between driver and passenger(s)

Passenger Limit per vehicle 
• Mercedes E or S Class                     – 2 passengers
• Mercedes V Class                             – 7 passengers
• Mercedes Sprinter (model 1)         – 16 passengers
• Mercedes Sprinter (model 2)        – 22 passengers

Along with these new specific measures, you can rely on our usual special attention and warm welcome at Schiphol Airport with our Meet & Greet Service.

From 1 July 2020 taxi passengers must undergo a pre-travel health check and wear a non-medical face mask. Try to book your taxi in advance where possible. Taxi firms are taking additional measures to prevent the virus from spreading, such as additional cleaning between journeys. The driver will also ask you to place your luggage in the boot yourself and to open your own door.

Do you have plans to visit Amsterdam and to book a private taxi during the Covid-19 Pandemic? Book your journey with Chauffeur Services Holland and travel in total safety.


Can I travel to Amsterdam for vacation or business?

The situation on 19 November 2020 
Yes, you can visit Amsterdam. The hotels are open and also some parks, zoo, cinema and more locations. The restaurants are closed and also the nightlife in Amsterdam. Only travel when you really need to, that’s the advice. It’s important to avoid busy places, so please keep this in mind when choosing your destination. Consider going to a different region or city instead of tourist hotspots.

For more information about the measures in Amsterdam (about wearing a mask, public transportation etc.) visit the Amsterdam website;

Travel well prepared and know the rules imposed by the Dutch Government:

General measures

  • Do not travel if you have any symptoms of illness.
  • Stay 1.5 meters (2 arms lengths) away from other people The 1.5-meter rule applies in the street, at work, in shops. It does not apply to family.
  • Events that require a permit are banned until January 2021. For indoor gatherings, the maximum number of people is 30.
  • If you are traveling by airplane you have to use a face mask during the flight.
  • If you use public transport you have to use face-masks.

Visit the Dutch Government website for more info.
Visit Schiphol Airport website for more info.


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