7 Best Places to Visit in Rotterdam Netherland
17 juni 2019 

7 Best Places to Visit in Rotterdam Netherland

As the second largest city in the Netherland, Rotterdam is a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers across the world.

It houses some of the numerous attractions that are rare to be found anywhere else in Holland.

The transport system in Holland is quite flexible and you can opt for the same to travel throughout in Rotterdam.

Here are seven places to visit in Rotterdam that you cannot miss if you are planning for a trip to Holland.

1. Old Harbor

As one of the largest ports in the world, the Old Harbor welcomes its visitors with a mesmerizing view of the coast and the vintage boats that have been preserved for decades.

You will also notice some of the well-decored houseboats that are home to the local owners.

In good weather, you can simply chill inside the cafes to watch the boats being painted or repaired.

2. Maritime Museum

Established in 1873, the Maritime Museum lets you look at the fascinating view of the city’s connection to the sea and its waterways.

It has a huge collection of the history of shipping and seafaring in Rotterdam along with the ship models.

3. Grote of Sint-Laurensker

As a medieval monument, the Grote of Sint-Laurensker represents the fifteenth-century architecture of Holland during the unsettlement due to the rise and fall of empires.

However, certain parts of this Catholic Church were destroyed during world war II, which were reconstructed again.

4. Cube Houses at Overblaak

If you are a lover of the finest architecture, this one is sure to make you spellbound. Designed by the Dutch architect Piet Blom, the block of houses along with the cube-shaped upper stories is an excellent work of post-WWII architecture.

Containing displays on the design and history of the buildings, this one is open to the visitors.

5. Market Hall

As a gathering point among the numerous places to visit in Rotterdam, this one is all about chilling over some delectable cuisine or some mouth smacking beverages.

Opened in 2014, the Market Hall has been able to make Rotterdam proud in introducing a kaleidoscope of fresh and prepared foods.

6. Kinderdijsk’s Windmills

23 kilometers east of Rotterdam is a dreamy landscape that perhaps you have imagined about.
Take a boat trip or a cycle trip along with the gigantic and historic windmills that the native people had planned to combat devastating flood centuries ago.

7. Coolsingel

To witness the devastation of power politics in world history, this place makes a perfect destination for history lovers worldwide.

Built-in Dutch Renaissance style between 1914 and 1920, this place miraculously escaped the destruction of World War II bombing.

Hence, you must take a note about the seven places to visit in Rotterdam while you are having a wonderful vacation in the Netherland.

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