6 Ways Drivers Are Different Than Chauffeurs
17 februari 2022 

6 Ways Drivers Are Different Than Chauffeurs

Have you ever wondered if driver and chauffeur are interchangeable terms? If so, they’re not! Drivers and chauffeurs both provide a very different kind of service from each other and it is important to know the distinction. Drivers are hired to simply get you to reach your destination and nothing else, while a chauffeur will arrive in a luxury limousine and attend to your needs as you want.

When looking for private transportation that provides VIP services, make sure you know who to hire. Here is a list of the ways drivers and chauffeurs are very different from each other:

1.     Customer Care

Chauffeurs are attentive to detail. They will make sure all of your needs are met when hired for service. Drivers are not used to attending to the needs of a client. They can only drive you to your desired destination.

Chauffeurs will run your errands, take detours, or even take a scenic route to your destination if you ask them to. They will open the vehicle door for you, carry your luggage, and make you feel like a VIP.

2.     Dress Code

Drivers often do not dress super professionally and may neglect their appearance. Chauffeurs are immaculate with their dress code. They know how to dress in front of important clients and maintain their appearance to ensure you never have to lose the respect of your clients and the people you’re meeting .

3.     Sense of Time

Drivers can arrive on time but they are not exactly known for their perfect punctuality. When hiring a private chauffeur service, the chauffeur will reach at the time assigned to them. They are precise with time-keeping and will not let you down.

4.     Confidentiality

Almost 20% of people travel internationally for business trips, and they require full confidentiality when traveling and conducting meetings. Drivers are not entirely professional with their clients. They do not sign an NDA like our private chauffeurs are required to!

Chauffeurs are used to driving around business executives and provide full discretion to clients. With a chauffeur, you can have business discussions, meetings, and negotiations without any stress about your information leaving the vehicle

5.     Training

Drivers do not go through extensive hours of training and courses that are given to our private chauffeurs. This training plays an important role in their development into highly trained professionals. That’s why chauffeurs are a step above drivers. 

6.     Luxury Ride

If you’re looking for VIP transportation services, then hiring a private chauffeur would be the best choice. Drivers do not necessarily have highly-maintained vehicles. Their only purpose is to get you from one destination to another. Chauffeurs are trained to not only make sure their vehicle looks good but also take you to your destination worry-free!

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