Buitenhof next to the Hofvijver pond in The Hague

Enjoy a Pleasant Ride Through The Hague

The third-largest city in Holland offers breathtaking views, a stroll back in time, and stunning modern-day architecture for visitors.

While The Hague serves as the government seat for the Netherlands, it also boasts of various attractions. For instance, if you're all about revisiting history, then the Binnenhof is the perfect place to be. The Binnenhof acts as the government centre that houses various 15th, 16th, and 17th century, Baroque and Gothic-style buildings.

Moreover, the city offers visitors a chance to see the magnificent Peace Palace that houses the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration.  

Like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague is home to various art and science museums. For instance, Museon is a culture and science museum that holds interactive exhibitions revolving around themes such as volcanoes, The Romans, space travel, and even climate change!

However, if you're all about exploring Dutch art, Mauritshius and Haags Historisch Museum should be on top of your list.

When it comes to shopping at some of the high-street brands, The Hague never disappoints! De Passage is a coveted shopping street in the area, featuring top-of-the-line fashion stores that have all the latest apparel collections. It takes inspiration from Parisian covered passages and allows visitors and tourists to shop to their heart's content.

Moreover, if tourists are short on time, they can visit the Madurodam and get the authentic Holland experience in just a couple of hours. The miniature park offers a glimpse into real Dutch life with its stunning tulip fields, canal houses, cheese markets, and the Peace Palace.

The city also offers natural beaches and a chance for visitors to hike up the stunning white dunes in the Scheveningen district.

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